Austrian creators


Fanny et mari – Fanny is a young architect from Graz while mari stands for her husband. Fanny loves old objects. Notions of re-use and transformation are essential to her work. She gathers ideas and collects objects at flea markets as well as during her travels around the world. In collaboration with her husband, Fanny infuses these objects with a new life by changing their character, thereby creating humorous objects suitable for daily use.

Thus, the drawer of a baroque furniture becomes the main point of attraction of the minimalist sideboard. A simple table blossoms through incorporated crystal vases. Dishes with history are piling up to a modern étagère. A veal leather bag is enhanced by grandmothers petit-point-wallet as an other case.

The fusion of inspiration and technical perfection merge to unique items. They are both commodity and objects of art, that meet the demand of modern design as well as spray the charm of old pieces. A new definition of forms, an aesthetic pleasure.

fanny et mari strives to preserve old beauty by bringing old things alive with the help of creative ideas. Thus, a different place or a novel idea for their use endow these objects with a new meaning. Part of the purpose is to have fun and to elicit a smile in the observer. Antique marks add to the character of the individual objects. Of course, every item is unique – a mixture between art and an object of daily use – supplied with a branding iron.

Once upon a time there was a Thonet


Old chair converted into a wardrobe or valet stand, hanging.