Designers from Poland

Polish design is finally making its way to the collective consciousness, both at home and globally. Their strengths are optimisms, creativity and empiricism. Recently I had the chance to meet some representative young designers of Poland. I was impressed by their motivations which I report here below together with images of their works.

“We grew up in Poland during the bleak era of a decadent socialism, which made us determined to find different aesthetic values from the ones that surrounded us. Limited access to a “colourful” western world, and the desire to develop our own style and unique identity, forced us into creative thinking”. Monomoka

Full ring pouf

“I was raised in a house where craft was very important. I observed it ever since I was a child. My dad dealt with wood: he turned, cut, sawed, polished… and I was there all the time, I simply adored spending time in his workshop. My grandmother, on the other hand, was a seamstress, she used to realise her own ideas, sewing day and night. I was brought up with a convinction that handwork is utterly important, and that a wholehearted engagement in creating an object is a real value.” Agnieszka Bar

Group of Vases

“Slip casting. Chasing accidents. Always checking what is through the looking glass.” Monika Patuszynska

Transformy +

“In MONO we celebrate semplicity. We do nothing without a reason. We believe that beauty lies in what is authentic. We want our products to serve you well and bring joy. Therefore, we think of all the details, down to the smallest one. We are designers, artists and craftsmen. We create objects for everyday use. Produced in Poland.” Przemek Ostaszewski


The exhibition about Polish designers took place in Paris at the Lieu du Design, during the Maison Objet Design Week 2014. It has been organized by Meet My Project in cooperation with

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