Social scenarios: brainstorming


Hedonism Key words

sensory, friendly technologies, cocooning

Bio-conscious approach Key words

green obsession, green therapy, eco-architecture, bio-privilege, eco-ethnic, techno jungle

Visionary approach Key words

light therapy, beyond appearance, sharing magic vibrations, Swarovski effect, laser structures

Immaginative approach Key words

vintage, man made, user chic, spontaneity, esoteric, alchimia

Main social cultural and economic phenomenas that characterize the market scenario:

uncertainty, globalization, return to tradition, nomadic technologies, environmental sustainability, trading up, bio-logic, growing old comfortably, sex barriers, dreams of peace.

Main market requests:

less but Better, simplification and facilitation, super warranty, research for harmony, empowered softness, human touch, protection, reassurance, relax, “glocal” (global + local), micro-dimension.